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Stone-throwing children and youth in Jordan by Andrea Kuenstle
Mai 27, 2010, 21:41
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If I had a wish, was the name of a mail, which we already on our second day in Jordan sent to the Jordanian Tourist Office in Germany.
If I would have a wish, it would be a campaign in schools against the stone-throwing by children and young people against tourists.
We are now since 10 months with our bikes on the road, 8600 kilometers, of which 5700 and had cycled through 10 countries, last through Turkey, Syria and now Jordan.
On the second Day already, 10 km from Amman, the first hail of stones.
In the hope that it would remain an exception, we were riding on. And then, in Al-Janubi (between Al-Karak and At-Tafila), a „gauntlet running“. From all sides, from all directions, stones and some with full force and NOT about the intention NOT to hurt us.
Cast, incidentally, is always first when we turn the stone-throwers back. Our regards, also in Arabic, had no positive effect. In the rearview mirror I see a boy starting to throw a stone ral hard at Klausa and the I threw back my stones, which otherwise should really come against the wild dogs to use, but so far we have maintained against the dogs with our shouting and horn at a distance. And incidentally, of which there are in relation to the stone-throwers very few.
We are different with our colorful things, of course, and they are are boys, young ,….. but nothing excuses the stone-throwing against humans. The injuries may be too large.
The next stone that flew, met with full force, fortunately only Klaus handlebar bag, missed him by 30 cm, thrown from a minimum of 17 year olds. If this stone hit us or any of our dogs in my trailer, a doctor’s visit would have been payable.
And so we drove on, even in the next few days we have seen guys pick up stones when they saw us coming. Even in places where there are universities, so the level of education is surely not so low. In this country, 60% of the population is under 15 years. With this huge number of potential stone-throwers we want to advise against a trip by bicycle through country. If not ….. something is done, the problem is taken seriously. We met other cyclists and they had been „armed“ with stones to defend themselves. This can not be true that we travel like this through Jordan. Also, we are now so full of fear that we will endlessly angry and that’s not what we expected on this trip. At least not in a country that is called modern, which welcomes tourists that advertises in glossy brochures with the beauty and the friendliness of the people that the hospitality praises as the highest good and that is so religious.
The adults do it before even throwing stones. We saw how a grown man, maybe 40 years old, picked up a stone against children who were close to us out of curiosity, while we took a break. We had not asked him about it! When I wish I was expected, it would be this campaign: „stone throwing injured, physically and mentally.“
But there were still quite a few campaigns, such as
„Take care of nature: waste disposal,“ unbelievable, in how many places without tourism, there is so much littering,
„Protection of young people: No Smoking,“ 12 year old children are told that one is only a man, if you smoke,
a campaign to „environmental consciousness“, for the four small signs that we saw on the road (exit Al-Karak), hung far too high to be effective.
And one last request: harassed us tourists do not always cries of „Money, Money, Money“, if no other conversation is possible. That should be worth it to Jordan. Up here when there ist obviously nothing done and the problems ignored or played down obviously, we will, despite its scenic beauty, not come back to Jordan.

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I think this is a true but horrid story. being in the Sinai desert for quite a few times, I was so disappointed by Jordan. I did not have to deal with stone-throwing people, as I was always in the company of Jordanese. But it was -at the least to say- disappointing to see the amount of plastic in the desert. Going on a outing with a bedouin family, we sat amongst the debris to have our chicken and rice. I started to clean as no one bothered. They were so amused.
Never ever have I in the Sinai desert nor in the villages, encountered any stone throwing. Nore has any child asked me for money. No, now I am lying, once they did. My reason for liking Sinai desert.
I truly hope travelling Egypt willl be better.

ma salama Maryam

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